Welcome Bridget!

We welcome Bridget to the Impact team!

Bridget is an experienced recruiter and has joined Impact as our Principal Talent Partner. We are delighted to have Bridget on board and are in no doubt that she will have a fantastic career at Impact.

Tell us about yourself!

I moved to London from New Zealand and fell in love with it. Told Mum I would be back in 6 months and almost 10 years later I am still here. I now live in Berkshire with my partner and our kitten Toby. I love to travel, love a rainy Saturday spent in the pub even better if there is a game of Rugby on. Fell into Recruitment and went on to become top biller on both temp and perm desks whilst at Tate. Now looking forward to building my desk at Impact!

Why did you choose Impact?

I chose Impact because I met the team and instantly felt like I was a part of something. Everyone is so warm and friendly and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. I also love working with Creative clients and that is where my experience lies so it felt like a perfect fit.

What is your remit at Impact?

I am a Principal Talent Partner recruiting for permanent office support roles within Creative.

How has your first week gone?

It has been fantastic so far! Already have jobs on and getting a hang of the system!

What type of Impact’ do you hope to make?

As corny as it sounds I hope to be able to place the best talent in the market and help people find their dream roles.

Meet our Head of Marketing and Creative, Emily!

Describe your remit at Impact

I head up our Marketing and Creative team here at Impact working with fantastic clients across the creative sector. I oversee Marketing, Comms, Strategy, Digital, Brand and Social across Freelance and Perm. I also manage a busy Creative Team who cover all remits spanning – Design: Graphic, Motion, Digital, 3D, Animation etc across freelance and perm. Together we support one another and attend meetings to aid our knowledge and build our desks.

What does a day in the life of Impact’s marketing and creative lead look like?

Day to day we are all extremely busy working on a number of live roles for our clients. We meet top talent in the market and align their skills and preferences with our clients requirements. We attend regular client meetings to build relationships and really understand their business as well as meet our candidates to deep dive into their experience.

Describe the work culture and environment at Impact

Impact is brilliant – we are a mini family who all support one another and work as one to achieve our business and personal goals. Everyone is very genuine, passionate and wanting to do their very best!

Tell us about your best experience so far working with Impact

I have been at Impact coming up to 9 years and wow what a journey I have been on! I started out my whole career at Impact and have never looked back. I have been supported, trained and offered the opportunity manage teams, work with the best brands in the world and develop my own personal career. I have been on two Mat leaves since being at Impact and in both instances, welcomed back with open arms to a busy desk. Here is to the next 9 years….?

Where’s your favourite lunch spot?

Gosh, I love food and there are some great pop up lunch places near our offices I always have a nosy at! Aside from that, you can’t go wrong with a good old Pret wrap!


Desert Island Discs! What three songs can you not live without?

All Saints – Pure Shores

Tom Grennan – Here

Ed Sheeran – Give me love

I am so cheesy I know!

Share your number one tip you tell your candidates to help them get their next role!


Learn about the company, learn everything you can about the position, prepare how to sell yourself/your key skills, familiarise yourself with STAR method, prepare your answers, prepare your route – PREPARE! You can see more tips from our team on preparing for your next interview here.

Impact’s Employee of the Year 2022

We are delighted to announce that Carly David is our Impact Employee of the Year for 2022.

This is an astounding feat, seeing as she only started with us in Jan 2022 and had been a secretarial specialist before moving over to HR with Impact. Carly made her mark from day 1 at Impact and had an awesome year. She not only has a hugely successful desk, but became a really important part of the Impact team and culture.

Congrats to Carly, your award Is well deserved!

How does it feel to be our Employee of the Year 2022?

It feels amazing to be recognised for a successful year and it makes me even more motivated for 2023. It’s been a whirlwind 12 months but I’ve loved every second and I’m so happy I made the move into HR recruitment.

You only started in Jan 2022 – What is the secret of your success?

I don’t think there is a secret, its hard-work and determination which I think all Impact employees embody. I cram a lot into a day so I work efficiently which I think comes down to years of experience. And being able to juggle 10 things at once!

What were your 2022 highlights?

Hitting my yearly target by October was a great feeling! Getting to grips with HR and all that it brings has been a great learning curve. And of course working with amazing colleagues who make all the difference when you’ve had a challenging day! There’s a lot of laughter in this office which is exactly the way it should be!

What’s are your 3 top tips to those who want to be as successful as you?



If you are looking for a new opportunity in the HR sector, contact Carly today.

In conversation with Isabel: Associate Recruiter

What does a day in the life of an associate recruiter look like?

First things first, I need my caffeine hit to hit the ground running in our fast-paced environment. An oat latte made by the fab WeWork barista, Errol, does the trick. Then, the Creative & Marketing team meet every morning to go over the roles we have on, discuss candidates, and determine the goals for the day ahead. My colleague Ferhan on the Creative desk, and Mark from Marketing, will suggest roles to work on and then vroom! Off I go headhunting, registering candidates and working with the wider team to make placements.

Describe the work culture and environment at Impact

“Could it be any nicer an environment?” – Chandler Bing.

But for real, Impact is one of the best places I have worked in relation to the support and encouragement from all staff (is there a cooler word for staff? Shall we say Unicorns? They’re all magical). Everyone wants everyone to do well and make placements, and when we do we celebrate. It is a culture that is rewarding and encourages you to succeed.

Tell us about your best experience so far working with Impact

I made a placement for an incredible graphic/UI designer with one of our gaming clients. Delivering the news that he had booked the job was a feeling like no other!

Where’s your favourite lunch spot?

Easy. Falafel wrap down the road. If I’m feeling spicy I’ll chuck a bit of halloumi into the mix. Delish.

Desert Island Discs! What three records and one book can you not live without?

Purpose by Justin Bieber (obviously), Any record ever by Charli XCX, MOTOMAMI by Rosalia. In terms of books, I revisit Fine on Acting by Howard Fine time and time again. A must-read for any theatre or film-maker!

Share your number one tip you tell your candidates to help them get their next role!

Let your personality and creativity shine through. We want you to succeed, the client wants you to succeed – we are all rooting for you!


If you’re looking for a new role across creative or marketing, send your CV to Isabel today!

Rae’s Work Experience

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Rae into our team over the past couple of weeks to undertake work experience.  She quickly built relationships and was inquisitive and hardworking and it was great to see her grow in confidence whilst displaying fantastic creativity, diligence and communication skills.  Here’s what she said about her work experience at Impact.

Thinking about my first work experience I pictured myself in a dull, hectic office with corporate, silent and intense robots tapping away, their eyes locked looking at a hypnotising screen whilst the day is wasting away. However, as I walked into the office and saw the big smiles and heard the music playing in the background, I realised that my initial thoughts were the exact opposite.

 I was immediately surrounded by warm, welcoming people wanting to get to know me. I felt so welcomed and at once felt at ease, my nervous state was gone, and I just felt relaxed and ready to work hard. I had a detailed itinerary of my time here. I had no idea that it would be this organised, everything was planned out and everyone knew what they were doing with me. Not once did I sit there with nothing to do, there was always a task handed to me. I would be given a variety of tasks ranging from sitting in on interviews to writing an ad for a job, I would also be asked to do some research sometimes about Impact’s clients.

At Impact, although it is vibrant and exciting, it is also a busy office with a professional atmosphere, this is the perfect place to work, it is a fascinating, and friendly environment filled with lots of exciting and interesting people. The staff are always kind and warm, they always went out of their way to make me feel welcome. They take time to video chat and meet candidates and they always try to put them in a position that fits them and their clients best. Impact deals with all different types of creative clients from all different backgrounds.

Between the employees there was a real sense of community and friendship that they shared; it was as if they were a little family. Everyone was interested in everyone’s days and not one day went by when no one asked me how my evening was. They made sure to include me in their conversations and showed me how to do everything.

I am so glad that I came to do some work experience here, it has boosted my confidence and given me the experience of working in Central London whilst opening my eyes that working in an office is not always uninteresting and bland, they showed me that it can be interesting and exciting. I am so grateful for the warm welcome and the experience that Impact has given me.


Why Go Into a Career in Recruitment?

The recruitment industry has never been busier than it is at the moment, with its fair share of competitive offers and fast-moving interview processes, plus a huge number of opportunities available – so why should you consider starting a career in recruitment?

1) Autonomy 

Simply put, you are in control of your own success. It’s cheesy, but it’s true – what you put in, you get out! If you’re focused and you’re able to keep going after a bad day or a difficult meeting, you can achieve your personal goals as well as your professional ones. 

2) People 

It’s no secret that recruitment involves speaking to a wide array of people, but it’s not all about cold calling! You can have great conversations via a range of mediums these days – whether that’s Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn or in person, a career in recruitment gives you the opportunity to meet interesting people from a variety of industry backgrounds.

Not only this but many professional relationships and even friendships are built between recruiters and their candidates, so you have the opportunity to truly broaden your network. 

3) Progression

Recruitment is all about attitude and determination, and both of these things are recognised and rewarded in the recruitment industry.

If you’re looking to build your career quickly and you have your sights set high, recruitment is the perfect industry to do this, as you can really shoot for the stars from day one. 

4) Earning potential

Recruitment is one of the most lucrative careers out there, with the average earning potential standing at around £45K OTE in your first year.

As you climb the ladder and continue to grow your network and experience, this number can exceed £100K OTE, which is great if you have long-term goals you’re trying to achieve (eg, buying your first house!). 

5) Helping to make a difference

Last but by no means least, recruitment is a great way to help people! There are few things more stressful than searching for a new job and going through subsequent interview processes, but as a recruiter, you have the opportunity to help people through the process.

From CV tips to interview preparation, right through to offer negotiation, a recruiter’s job is to work on behalf of their candidates and clients to ensure that both sides are perfectly matched.


If you’re looking for a new role in recruitment, we are looking for an experienced and highly successful  Temp Office Support Recruitment Consultant to join Impact, so apply now!

How To Make Your Office More Sustainable

As a business, we are always thinking of new ways we can be more eco-friendly, starting with creating a sustainable office environment. As one of our social impacts, we recognise that our business has an impact on the environment and work hard to minimise our carbon footprint.

We have meat-free Mondays, we recycle all possible waste, encourage the minimum use of plastics, and use local suppliers where possible (our IT and Phone companies are within 200 yards!). We have supplied all our team with reusable coffee cups and hessian bags and all electrical equipment is highly efficient.

Follow some simple tips to begin creating your own sustainable office!

Go Paperless

The benefits of going paperless far outweigh the cons, with the average office using 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year in the UK. Something as simple as switching to digital cloud storage, reusing paper where possible, keeping it double sided or switching to recycled paper in the office can help reduce paper consumption.

Un-Plug It

Computers that are set to standby can becom2 a large and unnecessary expense for your company. Setting your computers to an energy-efficient setting during the week evenings, and turning off all computers, printers/copiers, and other electronics that do not need to be left on can seriously help reduce energy usage.

Keeping computer equipment updated can also help with reducing energy consumption, current new computers and monitors are more energy efficient.

Use of Eco-Friendly Transportation

Encouraging employees to ditch the car or train for short distances for a bike or walking can seriously reduce their Co2 emissions, as well as improve their general wellbeing. Even if your team took to walking or cycling twice a week, this could potentially save as much as a quarter of personal carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from transport.

Remote Working

Allowing employees to work from home, even if it’s one day a week, can result in major decreases in your company’s commute emissions. Plus, what most businesses have found through the COVID-19 pandemic is that many employees want a hybrid work schedule, so not only does it affect the well-being of your environment, but your employees too!

Sustainable alternatives to your everyday office supplies

Find products that are made from recycled products, such as paper and plastic products. Cut down or eliminate your use of products that have no green alternatives, such as rubber bands. A simple way to increase your sustainable impact is to just keep an eye on your supplies and don’t buy unless you really need them! This will also save on unnecessary expenses.

Finally, recycle all items you have no use for and properly dispose of waste like paper and printer toners as well as donate or sell furniture you no longer need.

If you have the three R’s in mind whilst at work, you’ll be sure to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle on a daily basis, and be sure check up on your local council‘s recycling policies.

Welcome Emma!

With a strong career history in HR recruitment, Emma is the newest member of Impact HQ as a Senior Consultant in our HR sector. With a career history in recruitment spanning from in-house small media agencies, to 360 recruitment, Emma’s got what it takes to match amazing talent with their dream jobs and add value to both candidates and clients! 


Tell us about your experience?

I started my recruitment career in-house for a small media agency, and after deciding I was ready for a new challenge I decided to take the leap into 360 recruitment with a specific focus on HR, which I loved. Having worked in HR previously it seemed like the perfect fit for my experience and knowledge, and after taking some time away to try my hand at rec2rec, I couldn’t be happier to be back where I belong! 

Why did you choose Impact?

Impact immediately stood out as a place where diversity is important and celebrated. The culture and the values speak for themselves and, when you add the incredible client base that’s been built over the last 20 years, it’s difficult not to be impressed!

How has your first week gone?

My first week was a whirlwind of meeting new people, getting up to speed, navigating a new office, and enjoying after-work drinks with my new team. Not to mention, my first week ended with the Impact summer party, which was incredible! The whole team have made every effort to make me feel welcome and I couldn’t feel more at home. 

How would you describe the culture and working environment?

Everyone is genuinely ecstatic to be at work every day – and as cheesy as it sounds, it does feel like a big family. Nick and Jules are brilliant mentors and encourage everyone to be themselves, so you feel instantly at ease from your very first day. 

Having joined as a Senior Consultant in our Support Division, what type of ‘impact’ do you hope to make?

I hope to make a name for myself in the HR space and continue with the amazing partnerships Nick and Jules have built over the last 21 years – but mostly, I can’t wait to match amazing talent with their dream jobs and add value to both my candidates and clients. 


If you’re looking for a new role in HR, send your CV over to Emma today!

Welcome Ellie!

Here at Impact with love working with individuals who are ready to help others excel in their creative careers and start their own careers in the recruitment industry, so welcome aboard the team Ellie!


Tell us about your experience starting in the recruitment industry?

My experience at Impact so far has been incredible, as someone who is brand new to the creative recruitment industry I feel in sync with the fantastic team and my confidence is growing rapidly. From the initial interviewing process to taking a seat at my desk, I have just felt happy and content with the decision I have made to join the team at Impact.


Why did you choose Impact recruitment agency?

I decided to go for a role with impact after quite a hefty interviewing process for various roles, due to their family and human feel but also for my love of people and helping people to reach goals in a creative space! The clients Impact work with are fantastic and super high-profile in the creative industry, it’s an amazing opportunity to showcase my abilities and skills to these clients.


How has your first week gone?

My first week at Impact has been a breath of fresh air, a completely different vibe to my previous role in estate agency and I have loved it! Recruitment has a lot of different elements to it, but I really do feel as if it is my calling, the client base is incredible as well as having a supply of amazing candidates interested in the variety of roles we have to offer at impact. 


How would you describe the culture and working environment?

The working environment here is genuinely something I have been looking for, for a very long time! Its such a positive space to be in, so many optimistic, genuine and successful individuals in the same space is something that is usually quite hard to come by, but I feel as if impact have hit the nail on the head with the team!


Having joined as an Associate on our Support Division, what type of ‘impact’ do you hope to make?

I’m really looking forward to progressing in the role and being able to bring something fresh to the table, to help place people into the jobs of their dreams and make a positive impact on so many professional lives! I hope to make a very positive impact on the teams days too!


Follow what the team at Impact HQ get up to over on our Instagram!