In conversation with Isabel: Associate Recruiter

What does a day in the life of an associate recruiter look like?

First things first, I need my caffeine hit to hit the ground running in our fast-paced environment. An oat latte made by the fab WeWork barista, Errol, does the trick. Then, the Creative & Marketing team meet every morning to go over the roles we have on, discuss candidates, and determine the goals for the day ahead. My colleague Ferhan on the Creative desk, and Mark from Marketing, will suggest roles to work on and then vroom! Off I go headhunting, registering candidates and working with the wider team to make placements.

Describe the work culture and environment at Impact

“Could it be any nicer an environment?” – Chandler Bing.

But for real, Impact is one of the best places I have worked in relation to the support and encouragement from all staff (is there a cooler word for staff? Shall we say Unicorns? They’re all magical). Everyone wants everyone to do well and make placements, and when we do we celebrate. It is a culture that is rewarding and encourages you to succeed.

Tell us about your best experience so far working with Impact

I made a placement for an incredible graphic/UI designer with one of our gaming clients. Delivering the news that he had booked the job was a feeling like no other!

Where’s your favourite lunch spot?

Easy. Falafel wrap down the road. If I’m feeling spicy I’ll chuck a bit of halloumi into the mix. Delish.

Desert Island Discs! What three records and one book can you not live without?

Purpose by Justin Bieber (obviously), Any record ever by Charli XCX, MOTOMAMI by Rosalia. In terms of books, I revisit Fine on Acting by Howard Fine time and time again. A must-read for any theatre or film-maker!

Share your number one tip you tell your candidates to help them get their next role!

Let your personality and creativity shine through. We want you to succeed, the client wants you to succeed – we are all rooting for you!


If you’re looking for a new role across creative or marketing, send your CV to Isabel today!

How To Ace Your Next Interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but we want to show you some of our tips for making the smooth ride into your next position! Whether your interview is face-to-face or over a zoom meeting we look at our top tips from our team for acing your next interview for that dream job!


Prepare and Research

Research, research, research! Knowing all about the client, who they are, what they do and what they’ve done, is vital to any interview and shows real interest and passion for the company. The simplest way to start your preparations is using LinkedIn, checking in on their socials and analysing the job description. Because preparation is KEY to nailing that interview!

Bonus points if you know the interviewer beforehand and do some research on them as well.

First Impressions

First Impressions are key with any interviewer. When you get out of the lift or are met at the reception, stand tall, look warm, confident and smile! If you walk to a meeting room, engage in conversation on the way – ‘How’s your day been so far?’ or ‘Great offices!’. This will alleviate any nerves and gets the conversation going before the interview takes place. If your interviewer has decided even before you’ve sat down that he or she likes you, then you’ve already won half the battle!

Be familiar with your background

Our work history can be a long-winding road, so much so that it’s easy to forget what we’ve done. Go back over your CV multiple times! Talk yourself through everything you did, the processes you undertook to complete tasks and all projects you were part of.

Knowing your CV inside and out will able you to talk through your CV confidently, and don’t forget to have details on why you’ve moved from one job to another, explaining your journey.

Practice and prepare interview questions

Prepare for competency-based questions. Everyone dreads these questions but they’re a necessary evil. How to ace them? Go back over the job spec, alongside your CV, and pick out your most relevant examples to give. For the awful “biggest weakness?” question, choose a previous skill you have since developed and why you’re now better for it and turn it around into a strength!

Always have questions to ask at the end. These questions should always be about the company and careers path you could take there. Try to avoid asking about socials or time off, this will raise concerns to your interviewer. You can prepare questions, but you can also ask during the interview as it shows you are engaged. If you would feel more confident with your questions written down then be sure to bring your notebook, however, memorising them is even better!

Use the STARR technique

A well-known technique which helps you to structure your answer better and it enables you to cover all the key points needed in an answer. Using this strategy is particularly helpful in response to competency-focused questions.

Situation – What you were facing

Task – What you had to do

Action – How you approached it

Result – The outcome

Reflection – What you learned


Be Passionate

If you think it’s gone well, don’t be afraid to tell the interviewer that you want the job! It’s also important to talk about your interests outside of work. It’s not all about your employment history, companies want to get to know the real you so talk about your hobbies and show your personality!

Always be positive! Don’t say anything negative about any aspect of your previous roles. If any of your previous roles didn’t end well, you better have a good and truthful story which you need to prepare for so you aren’t caught short.


Now you are prepared for acing an interview, it’s time to send one of our team your CV and we will begin matching you with your next big career move! If you are looking for some more tips on preparing for a new role, follow our simple CV updating tips!