5 Non-salary Benefits to Boost Your Job Packages

Company perks have become an even bigger topic of discussion since the pandemic, but are businesses starting to pull back on big spending perks due to the looming recession? We look at some non-salary benefits that can help to boost your job packages.


What are the benefits of job packages?



Many employers are adopting flexible working to allow employees to decide their working hours to enable a healthy work-life balance. There are benefits for employers and employees with remote and hybrid working weeks, with employees saving on commute times, while employers can save on office space and expand their talent pool to anywhere across the globe.

Employee Development

Without opportunities to learn and progress, staff may turn to a new job to achieve career development. To combat this, some of the most common and cost-effective options an employer can offer include:

Giving your staff the opportunity to keep learning and developing can help your company stay up to date with industry trends and give you an advantage over others all whilst boosting morale and increasing engagement in the office Great for internal hiring!

Wellbeing Benefits

When hunting for their next role, it’s become increasingly clear that well-being benefits are a priority for them in evaluating new jobs. Implementing a well-being programme can help combat burnout, boost office morale, increase productivity and improve staff retention. Here are just a few simple well-being benefits your company could offer:

Work-From-Home Help

With the cost-of-living crisis and rise in household bills at the forefront of people’s minds, if your company can offer a small contribution towards the electricity or Wi-Fi for homeworkers, your employees will genuinely feel cared for and appreciated by their employer.


Extra Time Off

This a simple way to give your staff some gratitude for their work! Such as their birthday off, early finish on a Friday or mental health awareness days with an extra-long lunch break. To keep your staff with you for longer, offering extra holiday days off for their time will give employees incentive to stay with your company.


So if you are looking for next career with some added benefits to help you excel, see our latest job roles on LinkedIn!