Inspiring Future Workers

Right from the beginning, Impact has been committed to our community and in particular students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, because believe that it’s important that we give back to our future generations.


Soon after the pandemic was over, we quickly began to reemphasise our long-lasting commitment to our community partners and in particular the local schools which we have built up a good relationship with.


Over the past 5 years, we’ve developed a particularly strong relationship with Pimlico Academy and our team has utilised their skills and experience to assist students in many areas of their future development. Including hosting mock interviews and working with the school’s career development team to offer work experience to their sixth-form students.


Most recently we have been working with the students on their confidence and skills as they approach the time in their lives when they will be looking at joining the world of work.


Earlier in the summer, Impact hosted a collection of students at Impact HQ and conducted mock job interviews with each student. And more recently, 5 of our consultants attended the school to conduct a CV and career workshop session for several of their classes.


Our team showed the students how to write a brilliant CV, provided in-depth interview tips and conducted a general Q&A on starting out on a successful career journey.


Both were hugely successful and the feedback we received was unanimously positive. We hope we helped the students to gain knowledge on how to apply themselves to the world of work and give them the confidence they need to be a success!


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Mock Interview: Partnership with Pimlico Academy

As part of Impact Recruitment Agency successful social impact and ongoing partnership with London schools, we recently teamed up with Pimlico Academy.

We all know leaving school and heading into the world of work can be daunting for young adults! Thanks to WeWork, we were able to host a series of mock interviews for 20 promising Year 11 students from Pimlico Academy school in South West London with our knowledgeable recruitment team.

Hosted in the incredible WeWork Old Street space, the Impact team set up a series of mock interviews with the students. Our goal? To help the young students understand the concept of an interview process, and to help them navigate the world of the workplace!

The group of fantastic well put together young professionals were ready to take on the working world. Armed with their polished CVs, and engaging conversations the students were ready to discover more about the interviewing process!

Not only did the group of students conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout. It was also a fantastic opportunity for Impact to provide support and guidance and to have the privilege to be a part of the early stages of their professional development. We see amazing things for these students on the horizon and thank them for their feedback on their learning experience with the Impact team.

We’d also like to thank WeWork for their support in providing us with 2 meeting rooms and for making the students feel welcome on their visit, we couldn’t do it without you!

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