Top tips For Getting Your LinkedIn Noticed by Recruiters

As recruiters, we can well and truly confirm that we are always hunting for new talent on LinkedIn. Could this be you? Well first things first, let us talk you through some simple steps on getting your LinkedIn page noticed by us, recruiters!


Optimize your profile

First things first. Want to get notices? Turn On “Open to Opportunities”! This is the first thing you need to do if you want recruiters to find you to show that you’re available for new opportunities. Now, this step may seem obvious, but adding a professional profile image can go a long way. Make sure to avoid using selfies and those over-styled pictures destined for your Instagram fans only.

Your next step is to add a punchy headline to your profile that makes you stand out from the others. Your headline should reflect what you do and what you can do. If you have a specific niche that you’re focused on, don’t be scared to add it!

Our top tip? If you’re a creative trying to grow your LinkedIn page, it is essential to add your online portfolio to your page! As recruiters, this is our first point of call for creative candidates. Don’t have one? You could be overlooked, so get that link live!

Highlight your experience

As recruiters, we source our candidates using keyword searches, having keywords that reflect your experience and skill set can get you noticed. Not only this, but it’s also important to highlight your past role responsibilities, going into as much detail as possible. Doing these simple steps to build your experience, can go a long way!

Keep your page active 

Typically, as recruiters, we are active users of LinkedIn. Not only do we monitor keywords but we’re also following hashtags and conducting more in-depth searches for the candidates who are currently flourishing in their industry.

It’s important to keep your page active by posting weekly updates, sharing industry-relevant articles and keeping your page up to date. Be sure to include important hashtags on your posts, you are putting yourself out there as an expert, and you may get noticed in an entirely different way.

Grow your network

Finally: network, network, network! Consider reaching out to your former colleagues and others in your field who you aren’t yet connected with. You can also check the ‘recommended for you’ category on your homepage for suggested connections. Additionally, try searching for companies you have an interest in working for and explore their employees listed on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is the perfect tool for recruiters on the hunt for new talent, but also a great platform for job seekers to show off their experience and knowledge. As recruiters, we are relying on LinkedIn more and more to source candidates, so up your game and optimize your profile. You never know what opportunities might come your way!


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Why Go Into a Career in Recruitment?

The recruitment industry has never been busier than it is at the moment, with its fair share of competitive offers and fast-moving interview processes, plus a huge number of opportunities available – so why should you consider starting a career in recruitment?

1) Autonomy 

Simply put, you are in control of your own success. It’s cheesy, but it’s true – what you put in, you get out! If you’re focused and you’re able to keep going after a bad day or a difficult meeting, you can achieve your personal goals as well as your professional ones. 

2) People 

It’s no secret that recruitment involves speaking to a wide array of people, but it’s not all about cold calling! You can have great conversations via a range of mediums these days – whether that’s Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn or in person, a career in recruitment gives you the opportunity to meet interesting people from a variety of industry backgrounds.

Not only this but many professional relationships and even friendships are built between recruiters and their candidates, so you have the opportunity to truly broaden your network. 

3) Progression

Recruitment is all about attitude and determination, and both of these things are recognised and rewarded in the recruitment industry.

If you’re looking to build your career quickly and you have your sights set high, recruitment is the perfect industry to do this, as you can really shoot for the stars from day one. 

4) Earning potential

Recruitment is one of the most lucrative careers out there, with the average earning potential standing at around £45K OTE in your first year.

As you climb the ladder and continue to grow your network and experience, this number can exceed £100K OTE, which is great if you have long-term goals you’re trying to achieve (eg, buying your first house!). 

5) Helping to make a difference

Last but by no means least, recruitment is a great way to help people! There are few things more stressful than searching for a new job and going through subsequent interview processes, but as a recruiter, you have the opportunity to help people through the process.

From CV tips to interview preparation, right through to offer negotiation, a recruiter’s job is to work on behalf of their candidates and clients to ensure that both sides are perfectly matched.


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Our 2022 Market Guide is Out!

We can all agree that the last 2 years have been the most challenging period for the creative industry in living memory. After the shock of the lockdown in March 2020 the economy went into meltdown which, in turn, affected all businesses. We saw that the media and creative industry became particularly affected by a huge decrease in revenues, which resulted in many job losses. So the big question is, what is the industry like 2 years on?

After extensive research here at Impact Recruitment, we are happy to announce that our eagerly anticipated Market Guide 2022 is now available to download!

If you’re a client, now is your chance to get some first-hand industry insights into sourcing some great talent, along with the current salaries in our role specialities across the board.

Not only are our senior team members providing insights into the creative and media industry, but there are also contributing features on good communications, responsible business practices and rising to the challenge of sourcing good talent in 2022’s market.

We delve deep into the latest salary bandings across our key sectors; Marketing, Creative, HR, Talent and Business Support. All of which have been compiled through extensive client research from the past 6 months.

If you are a company or client, please email to register your interest in our 2022 Market Guide.

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