What Are The Advantages of Temporary Employment?

Taking a temporary job lets you try new things without the long-term commitment a regular, full-time job requires. You are in control of your career, so here are just some of the benefits of stepping into temporary roles.


Temporary Roles Offer Flexibility

One of the most beneficial factors of temporary work is that it can allow you to have a flexible schedule. You aren’t tied to a permanent position, making it great for students, and easier to move on should another opportunity arise.


Discover New Careers

Temping across multiple positions allows you to try out a variety of industries, from Architectural firms to TV Production, the possibilities are endless! Temping can give you a taste of many different industries and work situations, and you can find what is the best fit for you before you commit to long-term permanent work.


Build a Professional Network

Temporary work can help build a variety of contacts across multiple companies. When looking at a permanent role, the right role maybe with a previous organisation you’ve temped for. This could be a huge benefit for your application, as having an internal contact, or external connected contact makes for quick internal referencing.


Candidate, Victoria Watts

I have been temping with Impact on and off for the last three years while I complete my degree, and have always felt so looked after by the girls on the team! They work hard to place me in assignments that suit me, and they keep me up to date with anything that comes in that they think I might be interested in and suitable for. Once placed, the team stay in contact to make sure I’m happy and that everything is going ok, and they are always available for support if needed. They have been super flexible and accommodating with my needs as a temp and made the whole experience an absolute pleasure!


Candidate, Foaillean Cunningham

Temping for impact has been an absolute game-changer. The team are incredibly enthusiastic and supportive and does their absolute best efforts to find work that matches your personal circumstances and preference.


candidate, Mark Brakspear

I have never worked with a better agency than Impact. Temping can be stressful as you are constantly going into the unknown, but Impact has such a great reputation with their clients, you are always set up for amazing experiences.


Not only does it provide the flexibility to try something new and meet potential business contacts, but it could be the next step to lead you to your dream role in the future. So are you thinking of temp work? Our candidate testimonies show we’re one of the best for getting the roles that work for you, so send us your CV today!