Apps to Help Combat Work-Related Stress

There are many ways to help aid mental well-being such as helpful tips to avoid burnout, and it’s clear our attitudes inside and outside of the workplace are shifting for the better as we become more aware of creating a work-life balance.

To help monitor and suppress your stress, anxieties and worries when life is looking a little worse for wear, it’s good to remember that you have many places to turn to for a safe space to help you unwind. Like downloading some of the best mental health apps, designed to offer you support from the comfort of your mobile phone, at work or at home.


One of the most popular apps out there for meditation, mindfulness and monitoring stress and sleep. Headspace can help you to change your day-to-day life with tips on training your mind and body to relax and focus on the better things in your life.

Students can also use the app for a discount price, meaning it’s even more accessible for those who need it.


Calm’s goal is to help you improve your head and happiness, by helping you to achieve a better night’s sleep, stress less and develop a more mindful, with access to calming sounds, stories, and visuals.

If you are a business looking at improving your workplace health & well-being benefits, Calm for business is a useful and supportive tool to help with high-stress periods and become an integral part of your employee’s daily well-being routine.


A modern, less needy, Tamagotchi. An interactive app with your very own Finch pet that helps you feel prepared and positive, one day at a time. Taking care of your pet is taking care of yourself including access to breathing exercises, stretches, daily gaols and more.


A smart meditation app that personalizes your meditation programs based on your current meditation level, how often you meditate, and which skills you master with a bank of soothing sounds to take you on your journey.

Forest: focus for productivity

If you’re a relentless scroller and can’t stay focused, this app is for you! When you want to stay focused on work or study, you plant a tree. Your tree grows whilst you focus on your work and leaving the app will cause your tree to die. The more times you use the app, the bigger your forest! Forest App also plants real trees when users spend virtual coins in the app.