Tahmid’s Work Experience

Tue, 16 Jul 2019
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Tahmid is currently in Year 10 at City Academy and has shared his thoughts with us on his week at Impact.

“I was dreading work experience at first as I thought it would be tiring and very monotonous. However, when I saw the open plan offices, heard the music and felt the good vibes in the office, I knew I was mistaken.

I didn’t realise how good the experience was going to be. On the first day, I was introduced to everyone and they made me feel welcome.  Everyone took the time to shake my hand and say hi even when they seemed really busy. Over the week the people I would come to work with always asked me to do something for my benefit. They would ask me to do research so I would learn what kind of candidates and clients they work with. A day at Impact is very eventful; general research into businesses; helping candidates and clients; calling and interviewing candidates; contacting companies to offer support with particular roles.

It is a very busy office, although, the feeling of knowing your helping a person in a huge number of ways must feel amazing. The personal touch from the staff also is very comforting. They take the time to meet candidates, research their clients and to place their candidates into positions they know are perfect for them. They connect with people on a level that corporate competitors can’t hope to compete with. They deal with clients from all sorts of creative industries and the staff themselves are definitely very diverse.

Between the employees themselves, there is a real sense of community. Free conversation, discussion about work and an open office contribute to the way the people in the company are always happy doing their jobs. They are a really open office – take it from a guy that said he went to work experience to build his confidence. Everyone was really kind to me involving me in their conversations and answering as many questions as they could. They encouraged me in a way that helped me to improve and if there ever was an opportunity for me to work there, I would definitely grab the opportunity.”