Tales From Lockdown

Tue, 14 Apr 2020
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As a part of a new series of blogs from candidates, clients and friends, Chelsea Pemberton Whiteley describes her life in lockdown.

Hazy Memories Of A Life Before ‘Covid-19’

Who even remembers what life was like before Covid-19? Or should I say, who really misses it? The technological Metropolis within which we were all enslaved; The 9 to 5 is now meaningless, the rat race usurped by a new, gentler way of life.

It’s been 2 weeks now and I haven’t checked my watch once; the hours passing by in a glorious blue of music, literature, conversation and cupcakes (securely delivered, from the advisory 2 metre distance, by a neighbour).

I am perhaps slightly biased – in the sense that Covid-19 has changed my life very little. Social distancing has long been an established part of my lifestyle; the only differences I’ve really noticed are the clamp down on travel (that libertine sense of adventure and freedom is somewhat curtailed when you’re confined to your own post code) and the dwindling choice of confectionary.

I’ve been working my way through every wall in the house and every fence panel in the garden, each destined to become a canvas in its own right at some point or another. As I say, « When they try to build a wall around you, paint on it. »