Temp Of The Month

Wed, 06 Apr 2016
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This month’s lucky winner is the wonderful Rosie Brear! *Cue Applause*

Rosie is a talented actress who in between filming and auditioning, lends her time to Impact Creative to take on various temporary contracts.  Much like her acting life, she can adapt to a wide range of roles from Reception to HR to Legal!

We’ve even asked Rosie to cover our own front of house here at Impact and have been dazzled by her warm and incredibly client focused attitude, making the effort to get up and greet all visitors, taking the time to visit each division and check if they need anything, and making cups of tea for those consultants trapped in back-to-back meetings.

Rosie’s personality and work ethic is what makes her such a wonderful candidate, a breath of fresh air to have in the office and highly capable too!

Thank you for choosing to work with Impact Rosie, you’re a star!