Temp Of The Month February 2014!

Mon, 17 Mar 2014
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Many of you may think that the most important awards handed out in February were the Academy Awards or BAFTAS but that’s probably just because you haven’t heard of Impact’s Temp of the Month award. We are delighted to announce our Temp of the Month for February 2014 *opens envelop, looks to crowd with knowing look*…EMILY KELLER! Congratulations Emily*queue emotional acceptance speech*! Emily in addition to gifting you a £25 voucher (don’t spend it all at once) we are also going to shower you with compliments – we hope you have been practising your modest/ “Oh I’m so embarrassed by all the nice things you are saying about me” face.

Compliment # 1: Emily exudes a kind of effortless cool and calm that means she is a pleasure to have around and creates a great working atmosphere. We would ask Emily how she does it so we can copy her but we are pretty sure we would have to try really hard to achieve it defeating the whole purpose of what we were hoping to accomplish in the first place.

Compliment #2: Emily is hardworking – while she is effortless in her manner she puts maximum effort into completing the tasks at hand. Girl’s got skills.

Compliment #3: Emily adds value and who doesn’t love added value? Like those hard to resist ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ supermarket deals Emily pleasantly surprises you by offering you more than you were expecting, that’s just the kind of gal she is.

Compliment #4: Emily is versatile – she is a chameleon we can send into any environment and know she will be able to seamlessly adapt.

Emily thanks for being such an AMAZING part of the Impact team – don’t go changing…well unless it is in that adaptable chameleon way that we mentioned.