Mon, 31 Mar 2014
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Every now and then someone special comes into your life and you wonder how you ever lived without them.  We have someone like that in our life at the moment and that person is March’s Temp of the Month Charlotte Cull. Sadly just as quickly as she has come into our life Charlotte is leaving us. We are not going to lie, we are pretty heartbroken and, not to make you feel guilty Charlotte, we have a feeling we may develop some serious abandonment issues as a result of this.  Charlotte is from New Zealand and is only visiting London (on a short term working visa) for a couple of months so we knew what we were setting ourselves up for heartbreak but great temps, like great loves, are hard to come by and let’s face it you can’t help who you fall for.  We will try to remain dignified in our sorrow however we can’t guarantee that there won’t be (and hasn’t already been) some hysterical crying and some emotional yelling of “Please don’t leave us!” and “Why Charlotte? Why?!”. We really are being quite selfish talking about not wanting Charlotte to leave when we should be congratulating her on being our Temp of the Month, so without further ado – Congratulations Charlotte! The reasons why we will miss Charlotte are the same as the reasons why she has been awarded Temp of the Month.

As a temp Charlotte is incredibly reliable and responsible. We consider her to be a very safe pair of hands. We’re not sure if while in primary school any of you had to do that exercise where you were given an egg to look after (with the aim of the game being not to break it) and you had to carry it everywhere and never leave it unattended, a practical lesson in responsibility if you will – a little bit of pressure for a 10 year old! We bet Charlotte would have aced that task, she probably still has her egg now, and if we had been at school with Charlotte we probably would have tried to enlist her as a temp and outsourced the care of our egg to her. Charlotte is the kind of person you just know you can trust.

Charlotte is wonderfully flexible and has an amazingly positive approach towards temping. We have lost count of the amount of times Charlotte has saved the day by taking a last minute booking. If Ghostbusters were actually a film about temp recruitment and you changed all the lyrics of the theme song to relate to temp bookings then following the lyric “who you gonna call?” you would definitely put “Charlotte Cull” as the answer.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Charlotte is also really nice. We have called our clients a number of times when Charlotte has been at their office on reception and thought to ourselves “whose is this lovely girl on reception, she has an impeccable phone manner, she is so pleasant and helpful, she would make a great temp” then we realise it is our Charlotte and we have to say we feel pretty proud! Charlotte is consistently delightful and it has been a real pleasure working with her.

Thank you for all your amazing work over the last few months Charlotte, you truly have been an asset to the Impact temping team. Just in case we haven’t made our feelings clear WE WILL MISS YOU! Best wishes for the future!