The London Color Run UK

Mon, 08 Jun 2015
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So every year a specific run takes place, which is where people agree to be pelted and covered in different coloured powder – of course in support of the NSPCC charity… not just out of choice! Well actually…

Question is, Who would be crazy enough to sign up to such a run? Allow themselves to be turned into a well let’s face it… Smurf!?


We set off on our journey to Wembley, suited and booted in our attractive attire. As the train pulled up, the dramatic walk from the train begun. The look of determination in our eyes, arm by arm walking down the long (and I mean long) street, embracing the wind that was blowing our hair. And there it was… the large doors that stood before us… as we pushed through (still maintaining the dramatic slow motion), getting closer… and closer… and “One vodka and lemonade, 4 large pints and what did you want Michelle?”

Now I know what you’re thinking… a quick booster before a run? It might not necessarily be the usual pre-run prep, but hey… who’s to judge?

After we downed… I mean sipped our beverages we set off for the start line, ready and raring to go. As the countdown began and the thousands of people made their move, we sprinted off in true style! Well at least we tried to maintain the stylish look… not until we reached the first kilometre and were pelted in orange powder, resembling the ever so famous Oompa Loompas.

Powering on, embracing each coloured powder at each stage, the finish line was in sight. Like the BIG Impact family we are, we ran towards the finish line – stopping to take a quick selfie (priority) – and then of course passed through the line.

As we made our way, returning to the bar (which was always our finish line) we sat down and reflected on what was truly the Happiest 5k run in the WORLD!

Would we recommend… HELL YES!