The World Of Media Recruitment From An Interns Perspective

Thu, 11 Jul 2013
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It is no great secret that the global job market is at a very competitive stage right now, and none more so than the media sphere, perhaps the most desirable and sort after industry sector to work in. UK unemployment has risen to 2.52 million within the last year, and within media specifically employment opportunities have reduced steadily since 2001. What this means for the job seeker is that now more than ever, having that little edge over the competition can mean the difference between gaining a job or not. This is where recruitment agencies such as Impact Creative Recruitment become crucial.

Even the most creative and ambitious candidates could potentially struggle to get across their skills and expertise in a CV. As a result applicants who have huge amounts to offerare sometimes overlooked because of this. Subsequently recruiters have become one of the most important assets an applicant can optimise, carefully extracting their most relevant and marketable information and working as that crucial stepping stone between employers and employees.

Established, specialised recruitment agencies proudly boast long-standing connections and relationships within their industry of expertise, working as trusted and reliable advisors clients for heavily subscribed roles. As a result, the opinions and recommendations voiced by consultants are highly valued and can regularly be used to gain industry access for applicants that could otherwise have been overlooked.

Whilst this might be appealing for candidates, perhaps more importantly is the appeal specialist and creative recruitment firms have for employers. With the less than ideal trends in the economy, an increasing number of jobs are only being offered on a temporary or contract basis with a view to going permanent. This not only allows companies to ensure their recruitment decisions are the right ones, but also allows for a greater fluidity if economic situations again devolve. Consequently, even more faith is being placed upon the heads of expert recruiters, people who are able to draw upon existing banks of suitable candidates and make immediate placements, saving employers time, money and ever valuable resources.

For those seeking new lines of employment, especially first timers and graduates, it is certainly a difficult road ahead. Unemployment rates are not expected to drop significantly until mid-2014, and recent growth predictions have been reduced for the next few years. However, there certainly are still jobs out there and sometimes all it takes to secure that crucial first interview is getting your foot through the door. Specialised agencies have particularly high success rates when placing candidates in both temporary and permanent roles and the resources they have access to are becoming more and more valuable with a vast number of both employers and employees already make use of these services.

The question you must then ask is, whether you are trying to fill a role or find one for yourself, can you afford not to do the same?