These Days, Recruiters Are Worth The Money

Tue, 12 Feb 2013
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Direct hiring strategy versus a specialist recruitment consultancy is increasingly topical.  As companies take a long hard look at reducing their bottom line, there can be a temptation to cut agency spend and hire direct; we are often asked our opinion on whether this is the best method of recruiting. Here are some key points to consider…

The surge in job portals, operating as a link between employers and employees, has resulted in a huge array of employment choices. Having daily contact with job seekers we regularly ask for their opinion on how important social media has been in assisting with their job search.  The most common response we hear is that they are left overwhelmed with the numerous choices at their disposal and what initially seems like a quick and easy process suddenly becomes time consuming and daunting. Having catered their application to new roles and applied directly through a job portal, candidates are often faced with a ‘useful’ update on how many other applicants have applied – a relatively callous start to your job search! Having had no human contact at this point and limited opportunity to ask any further questions about their future career, candidates often face a lengthy wait to receive a generic response –  if they are lucky enough to receive one at all.  Our sources tell us they prefer to seek our help and assistance with their job search. The reasons cited were simple; we offer opportunities in a wide range of professions and within exciting creative industries, and as we send only a small selection of pre-screened CVs our candidates feel assured that they are not just another number in an ever growing inbox of CVs. In addition to this the service provided is personal, we offer integrated solutions for skill development and career growth as well as a detailed overview on all of the roles that we are representing them for. The key difference is that you are being offered a service as opposed to being made to feel like a product. Registering with Impact gives you various advantages and is more often than not a candidate’s preferred choice.

From a client’s perspective it’s easy to assume that direct hiring is the most cost effective choice. However it’s important to consider both the time spent on the recruitment process as well as the cost of advertising. What if the methods you have adopted don’t yield the right kind of candidates? You may have to re-advertise week after week, spending much more money than you had previously forecasted. Companies will almost certainly receive many CV’s in response to any advert placed, but a high percentage of applicants will not have the experience or qualifications you require. Sorting through CV’s and replying to all of the respondents is a long process, taking up valuable time. As a specialist HR Recruiter at Impact my clients often say that despite being Generalist, recruitment is a large part of their role. This gives them less opportunity to concentrate on other key projects including Talent Management and Learning and Development. For every application left unanswered due to time constraints it is also important to consider what perception of the brand the candidate is left with. The feedback we receive from clients is that the ease of using a specialist is invaluable. Not only do we have instant access to a wide range of pre-screened talent but we are well connected to passive candidates that may not be actively searching in the market. We only send a small selection of the most suitable applicants, saving a great deal of time and advertising costs, not to mention that there is only a charge if we are successful in filling your role!

Many candidates and companies are already aware of the benefits, some have yet to discover how they could save time and money, whilst taking advantage of our experience. The money saved by doing it yourself may be negligible but the time saved by using an agency can be considerable! It’s a daily conversation but the answer to the debate is always in the results. The use of a specialist consultancy is nearly always the best value for money in terms of time expended on the process and the quality of the candidates produced.