Top Interview Tips From Lord Sugar

Wed, 23 May 2012
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Interviews are always going to be awkward experiences. This awkwardness probably increases by around 3,000% if you’re being interviewed by Lord Sugar. here’s some top tips from the man himself…

Do your research

“Do your research,” says Lord Sugar. “Try to understand the person’s culture, nature and how they’ve achieved what they’ve achieved.”

Keep it brief

“Don’t tell me you’re a wonderful person to get on with, or about your hobbies. I’m just interested in how you qualified and how long you’ve stayed at each job.”

Keep your CV factual

“Some of the funniest CVs I’ve read are from people who left my company, and I’ve been sent their CVs afterwards. I’m reading their so-called achievements when they were working for me, and their claims to fame are a total load of b*llocks.”

Ask questions

“It’s reasonable to find out where the company’s going and where you will slot in. What do they see your goals being, apart from the money they’ll pay you?”

Dress to impress

“Turning up looking scruffy is not good. Then again, if you’re going for an interview with Richard Branson, and you’re in a T-shirt with half your breakfast down the front of it, he might think that was cool.”