Virtual Events Wrap Up

Tue, 06 Oct 2020
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It’s been an unpredictable & challenging 6 months for us all, and Impact have looked to partner our HR community in a variety of HR events.

Adapting to the times, we transitioned our Round Table events to Virtual Sessions, partnering HR & Talent leaders across the creative & tech spectrum on current HR topics impacting the market. It’s been a fantastic way to keep us connected, engaged and above all to share experiences between industry peers.

To summarise our sessions … we’ve explored the impact of working from home whilst being mindful of mental health; looked at how creative companies have had to adapt and explored the change curve of emotions. We shared our experiences and insights of flexible working and our learnings from different organisations across the creative sector. We’ve evolved sessions into how companies are preparing to return to the new norm and preparing for a new blended flexible culture.

Impact’s ‘Future Proofing Talent through Diversity’ programme remains a key priority and with Diversity & Inclusion being at the heart of Impact’s values, it’s been refreshing to hear how creative clients are breaking the stereotypical mould that can exist.

We took a deeper look at Race and why it is difficult to talk about and had discussions on the ‘default’ (aka Whiteness), acknowledging Power & Privilege, and the Inclusion default ‘Women of Colour’. A bold and brave move for the industry to explore these important topics and we are proud of all the businesses committed to positive D&I change.

As we plan to ramp up future Virtual Sessions in this evolving market, we’d love to hear your input on discussion topics you would like to explore or challenges you’re currently encountering which could benefit from brainstorming with your industry peers.

Please reach out to our Co-Founder to discuss.