Virtual On Boarding & Your Wellbeing

Fri, 27 Nov 2020
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Impact brought some of our HR community together for a virtual roundtable this morning and it was another brilliant session.  A big thanks for joining us and sharing your experiences!

We kicked off by brainstorming the virtual on boarding challenge and tackled the issue of achieving consistency, embedding culture and factoring in mental health and wellbeing.   To share some of our golden nuggets:-

  • Replicate that feeling of joining in the physical sense by conducting a virtual tour of the office
  • Creating virtual manager guides; so they can effectively run virtual 1-1’s
  • Scheduling in regular 1:1s with line managers
  • Team introductions scheduled individually with the focus on getting to know each other
  • Virtual Cuppa – different areas of the business demonstrating what they do in a learning session
  • Coffee with the CEO in 1st week of joining
  • Sharing a ‘culture video’ featuring a snippet of every member of the business in their home environment
  • Bringing a team together by connecting them through music, to create a sense of belonging.
  • Kindness Cuppa – random pairings to have a virtual drink

Our conversation evolved to embedding culture through remote working, innovative ideas businesses are adopting include ‘cook along’ with the CEO, virtual escape rooms, creating virtual playlist which are emotive to new joiners and jumping on group video calls to collaboratively work, listen and share ideas with new colleagues.

Mental health featured heavily in our conversation with Mental Health buddies being assigned to new joiners, 1:1 drop in sessions with a psychologist, through to Group Parental Coaching.

Businesses are encouraging walking meetings and shorter sprint meetings, having a day a week where meetings are completely banned.

The new employee journey is even more critical during these virtual times, ensuring joiners feel welcomed and involved to embracing the business culture virtually, businesses are being creative in rolling out that metaphoric red carpet!

As HR people, you have a come a long way since the end of March. Liz reminded us of the gifts of Autumn as an important time for us to prune, preserve our own harvest, to slow down and prepare for the coming winter. She invited us to consider what we might put in our winter store cupboard to support and delight us as we move forward into 2021. You might want a selection of photographs, music, words, candles, a special mug, your favourite tea – whatever brings you joy over the coming months.

Liz also shared how HR super-vision can support in your work as it provides a safe and non -judgemental space for the HR professional to reflect on their relationships within the organisation, explore how they show up in the workplace and by talking it through can gain a fresh perspective and new wisdom.

Register here for a free experience of super-vision on 12 January 2021.