Wanessa’s Work Experience

Mon, 16 Oct 2017
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When I first came to IMPACT as a work experience I felt really nervous because it was my first experience in a working environment. However, since I came in, I saw people smiling at me and that made me feel immediately happy and excited. The atmosphere at IMPACT is simply amazing. I was introduced to everyone by Nick Evans who is one of the founders, and as I remember, every team was excited to teach me new things and that made me really excited to be introduced to completely new things than I usually do every day.

On the first day, I was introduced to the whole office of IMPACT and I learned about every team they have. At the beginning, I was working on reception where I learned about the procedure of meeting and greeting candidates and clients and how to properly communicate with them. Over the week I learned more about other divisions, such as HR, Temp, Support and Marketing. The teams taught me what they usually do on a daily basis and how they work with both clients and candidates. I learned how to organise the database, target potential clients, match CV’s with current vacancies, create advertisements and SO much more… I also shadowed a registration and screened many candidates which taught me about their work experience and their education which was really interesting to hear.

Unfortunately, I was only with IMPACT for one week but, it was still an amazing opportunity to experience! I feel thankful for everyone who had time to teach me new skills, I gained a lot of confidence whilst working at IMPACT and got the opportunity to show my inner creative self. If I could recommend the best place for work experience, it definitely would be IMPACT. It was definitely the best week and I enjoyed working here so much. I wish I could stay here for a little bit longer – THANK YOU IMPACT!