We Welcome Gemma Luxford To Our Support Division

Wed, 10 Jul 2019
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Michelle Davies, Head of Support Division welcomes Gemma Luxford as the newest Consultant to join her team at Impact.

“Gemma brings to the team a wealth of knowledge from her previous experience in production, TV and the Architectural industry. She will be recruiting permanent office support roles covering all aspects of the creative industries. Welcome to the team Gemma, we are delighted to work with you!” 

You can get to know by reading her Q&A below …


Tell us about your experience?

I have background in TV, media and PR, having been a producer in shopping TV for most of my career. I made the move to London 18 months ago to pursue a career in recruitment for creative roles. I absolutely love it because the people you meet are passionate, incredibly interesting and all around lovely human beings!

Why did you choose Impact?

The moment I stepped into the office was a ‘Cinderella putting on the glass slipper’ moment as cheesy as that sounds, I just knew that it was a perfect fit! We share the same values, the office was full of friendly people who clearly loved their jobs and share the same passion for the creative industry as I do. We also work with some of the most amazing clients in the business who I was eager to get on board with, it was a no brainer that I just HAD to choose impact!

How have your first few days gone?

I have never been made to feel so welcome anywhere as I have done here, and I’ve already made some really lovely friends in such a short space of time. I’ve got stuck in straight away and am really enjoying the training that I’ve been receiving alongside. I’ve also already had a chance to participate in one of our charitable community ventures which I loved. From day 1 I came home wanting to tell my friends and family about how excited I am about my future here.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?

It feels like recruitment as it should be! Not your stereotypical recruitment office in the slightest. Having worked in the media for my entire career, the Impact office feels just like a production studio. It is really busy and fast paced but with a very relaxed and friendly vibe. Everyone in the office shares the same values which makes the environment a pleasure to be in. The ethical values alongside working values make me really proud to be here.

Having joined as Consultant on our Support Division, what type of ‘impact’ do you hope to make?

Impact is well known for its support division, I’m excited to join a thriving division with an aim to continue to aid it’s success with the team whilst growing it to be even bigger. I’m exceptionally passionate about the industry and can’t wait to partner with brands who I have admired my entire career, whilst meeting exceptional, interesting candidates. I want to be the cupid of creative recruitment creating more ‘Cinderella shoe moments’ for others!