Welcoming Michaela!

Tue, 05 Nov 2019
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Tell us about your experience?

I studied International Media and Communications at the University of Nottingham where I learnt the ins and outs of the crazy world that is creative media. It was there that I knew that I wanted to get into anything where I can meet and work with creative people. After Uni I spent just under a year working in Customer Service to gain experience and save some money so I could make the big jump to London. And now here I am!

Why did you choose Impact?

I actually came into register with the lovely Michelle. As soon as I mentioned I had looked at other jobs in recruitment there was a total lightbulb moment. It instantly felt like the perfect fit. From then on, every interaction I had with Impact was easy and exciting. I was consistently met with smiles and encouraging faces from all the office throughout the interview process. It is evident that the team really want you to succeed and I would be a fool to pass on an environment like that. I practically shouted ‘YES’ down the phone when I got the call.

How has your first week gone?

It has been great, there is so much to learn and I am never looking for things to do. The team have all been so supportive and kind that I feel like I have been here for much longer. I cannot wait to get stuck in even more and take on more responsibility.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?

Super fun. Everyone works exceptionally hard but also has a proper laugh while doing it, which is so refreshing. The team is collaborative and transparent, making for a really close and open working environment.

Having joined as an Associate on our Support Division, what type of ‘impact’ do you hope to make?

I hope to continue to push all of Impact’s core values. As well as becoming a great recruiter where I can make an impact on peoples everyday lives by finding them their dream job I also want to make a social impact. Impact work with schools and industries to create and nurture new talent, which is something I cannot wait to get involved in.