Which Flavour Chocolate Would You Do This Valentines…?

Tue, 12 Feb 2013
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Matcha tea

£3, 45,

Our matcha – a powder made from green tea – comes from the best hand-picked leaves that are steamed, dried and cut, then slowly ground using granite wheels. We work each batch until the particles of tea and chocolate are intertwined in a steamy affair. This blends the chocolate’s sweetness  with the tea’s astringent and fresh notes.



£1.83, 100g, Lindt, nationwide

Discover a unique, delicious taste experience with finest dark chocolate subtly flavoured with wasabi  Japanese paste.


£3, 45g,

We infuse this chocolate for several days with a blend of tobacco. It contains a complex palette of notes from sweet vanilla to heady wood, hay and smoke.


£3.59, 70g,

The soft filling is made with hazelnuts and bacon crackling combined into nougat. Doesn’t have as much of the distinctive bacon flavour as could  be expected.



£4.25, 70g,

Delicious dark chocolate with just the right amount of Scottish haggis spice (cloves, vanilla, nutmeg, allspice, salt and black pepper). Perfect with whisky.