Why Write A Cover Letter?

Thu, 12 Jan 2017
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Never underestimate the power of a dynamic, well written cover letter is our advice to candidates this month. A cover letter is the first impression that lodges in the mind of an employer, making it one of the most critical components for getting noticed and in turn securing that dream job.

First and foremost a cover letter adds focus to your application enabling you to target the job and the employer leaving the CV to market your skillset. Each cover letter can be tailored to each different role and company you are applying for showing employers that you have thought about what they are looking for in the job specification and how you can deliver this above and beyond expectation. Make sure you qualify that you are applying for the job as it suits your experience and if not your experience, your transferable skill set. Your passion and suitability for the role can also be reflected in greater depth within the content of a cover letter, putting you that little bit further ahead against other applicants.

The best cover letters should be kept to just under one page and focus on the fit between your qualifications and the job requirements without repeating the content of your CV. In doing so you should highlight three to four key skills or accomplishments that you feel best showcases both your personality and your talent. The letter should be articulate, well-written and to the point without any negative content or typos and misspellings. Remember to be positive and friendly throughout.

With the New Year well underway and a surge in employment opportunity across the board we want to make sure each of our candidates are well-equipped in their job searches. Don’t forget we are here to help so give us a call and we can help to advise you with all your career goals.