Work Experience Internship with Inspire

Tue, 30 May 2023
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This May we welcomed Preeya, our intern for the week from Clapton School for Girls and it was organised by our Charity partner, Inspire. Here’s what Preeya had to say about her work experience week with the Impact team.

Initially, I was expecting a corporate environment but instead, I found a place full of bright smiles and I was rendered speechless! Before my work experience began, I felt nervous about coming to Impact, but after speaking with the CEO, Nick, I felt calm and excited about the challenge.

The moment I stepped in the team was so friendly and welcoming I didn’t get the feeling of being out of place, instead, I felt relaxed and realised I was stressing out and being nervous for no reason. When coming in, I was given a detailed schedule of my roles that will help support the team. The tasks’ I was given varied from sitting in on meetings to creating a job advert. Not once did it feel like there was too little or too much of a workload.

I immediately noticed that there was a perfect balance between being casual and professional. It was the perfect environment anyone would want to be in. The staff I was working with were very sociable and well put together, not once did they make me feel as though I was an outsider.

During my time here there was an amazing balance between being friends and colleagues, and had a positive working atmosphere.. Coming to Impact, it didn’t feel like an average 9-5 role, instead, it felt like coming in to see people who wanted to work together to help others get their dream jobs!

There was a home-like sense here at Impact, they are a small family, and seeing a community like this is what essentially made me love my work experience here. Even though this work experience was only a week long, this was the best work experience I could gain.

My experience at Impact gave me a major confidence boost and gave me insight as to what my potential career paths could be. I am truly filled with gratitude about the fact that I was able to do my work experience at a firm like Impact.


If you’d like to find out more about our work with Inspire, read more on our social impact here.