Top 10 Fastest-Growing Skills in HR

HR professionals play a crucial role in today’s business world. They are responsible for a wide range of activities, including recruitment, training, employee relations, and compliance with labour laws.

As the nature of work continues to evolve rapidly, HR professionals need to develop new skills to keep pace with changing business requirements, just ask our HR team! Here are the top 10 fastest-growing skills in HR in 2023.

1. Leadership

Leadership skills are becoming increasingly essential for HR professionals who want to make a significant impact on their organizations. HR leaders need to be able to influence and motivate employees, navigate complex business environments, and drive significant changes across the organization. Developing a leadership mindset is key to creating a high-performing HR team.

2. Digital Marketing

Today, HR departments must leverage digital marketing tools to reach the best job candidates. Social media, job sites, and email marketing campaigns are examples of digital marketing tools used in HR. Digital marketing also helps develop and keep the company’s brand attractive to potential candidates.

3. Analytical Skills

HR professionals need to be able to analyse data to measure the effectiveness of key HR initiatives such as recruitment, employee retention, and training. They also need to identify trends, patterns, and insights that drive better business decisions.

4. Organization

The ability to organize and manage large volumes of information is essential for HR professionals. They must be organized and able to multitask, juggle multiple projects, and pay close attention to details.

5. Tech Recruiting

Tech recruiting is a skill set that is rapidly growing in importance as corporations turn to new tools and apps to streamline HR processes. HR teams must be familiar with the most sought-after tech skills for a given job description and be able to use technology to communicate with prospective candidates and ease the recruitment process.

6. HR Strategy

HR strategy is the overall plan for a company’s HR function. This includes designing the policies and strategies that support organizational goals, and the company culture, and driving the performance of all employees. HR professionals need to be able to align HR strategies with the business strategy and objectives.

7. Finance & Accounting

HR professionals must be familiar with accounting principles and finance. HR professionals who understand how finance works can help advance their careers. They can assist in budget planning and help identify opportunities to drive revenue growth.

HR professionals are increasingly responsible for ensuring accounting procedures are followed and accurate records are kept. This is essential to ensure there are no irregularities, errors, or discrepancies that will ultimately impact payroll or tax filings.

8. Learning & Development

Training and development of company employees are some of the most important functions of the HR department. HR professionals are tasked with finding and incorporating top-learning methods, including e-learning courses, into their company’s training policies. Investing in employee training not only improves skills but also enhances employee morale.

9. Diversity & Inclusion (D\&I)

HR team leaders must be familiar with Diversity & Inclusion policies. More companies are realizing the benefits of a diverse workforce and are putting policies in place to attract and retain diverse team members. This growing interest in Diversity & Inclusion (D\&I) issues requires HR professionals to develop an understanding of a diverse group of candidates and how to cultivate a culture of inclusion.

10. Change Management

HR professionals must learn how to manage organizational changes and transformations (like company mergers or acquisitions) effectively. Change management and the ability to implement a strategy that allows a smooth transition for all employees is a crucial skill in today’s business environment.

In conclusion, the HR field is constantly evolving, and HR professionals must keep up with the changes to remain relevant. These ten fastest-growing skills in HR are essential to building a robust and effective team that can drive business success. It is essential that HR professionals continuously develop their skill sets to remain successful and drive value for their respective organizations.


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